Blindfold reading and Third Eye

Blindfold reading is now done by thousands of people!

I personally have witnessed thousands of people being initiated into third eye reading by the Avatar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda. This video below shares some great stories about third eye reading. The maker of this video Frank also went to The UK and filmed another video on the same topic, and that is posted below this one. Further down in this article is a long quote from Nithyananda about blindfold reading. Enjoy!

Third-eye Awakening and Blindfold Reading

The following post is the words of Paramahamsa Nithayananda speaking about blindfold reading. It is taken from this facebook pageĀ 

Now whatever I am declaring or claiming – whether it is mitochondria cell energy, or DNA alteration for a better life, anti-ageing everything – happens to 100% of the participants. Not a single one is left out. Please understand. Till now all the medical tests and researches we have done. And the lowest data is the data we even publish. When I say thousand percent mitochondria cell energy that is the lowest. It goes up even to 1600 percent. Understand. What I am saying is the lowest participant who is sitting here fighting with me. Not *doing* what I am saying. And denying whatever I am saying. Guru doubt, Guru hatred, Guru denial. Even THEY experience, demonstrate the amazing effects of anti-ageing, DNA getting reorganized – awakened – and mitochondria cell energy going up.

I am boldly talking on a national channel. On a national channel, Sadhana TV, and an international channel nithyananda tv. With this responsibility I am saying, for the kids below 14 years, the third eye awakening and blindfold reading, I am declaring it as a science. We are successful in doing it one HUNDRED percent. Please understand 100%. We just need a little time. Maximum this 21 days. But for more than sixty percent of the kids within 4 days they are able to do blindfold reading. And for around 30% kids one day ONE they are awakened! But with 21 days I guarantee it is 100%. I am claiming this as a science.

Anything can be called a science only if it can be replicated for every individual who has the possibility. Meaning every individual who has third eye. And every individual has it. Even if you don’t have two eyes, you have the third eye. Anyone who has a head has a third eye. And anyone who has head and is below 14 years of age, I am declaring this as a science. We are successfully able to awaken their third eye and they are able to do blindfold reading successfully within 21 days. All these claims are demonstrated and scientifically validated in front of third parties who are neither for me or against me – simple straight forward people who don’t have any vested interest to prove me or disprove me.

As I said, already the current IA program for kids participants all the kids have started reading. I am just asking her to give some more training and deeper meditation process so I can bring them to the stage and demonstrate it. Today is only the 8th day. Almost every kid is able to read. Their third-eye is awakened.

And this time I am going to initiate for adults also. We have mastered the process for adults also. But we are not able to make it foolproof reproducible science for adults. Still there are thickheads with GDHD where I have to work a little more. But I am doing it. But the technique itself is successful. Meaning the adults who have tried, their third-eye is awakened and they are able to read. That we have demonstrated. But just like the kids, making it 100% we will achieve it by this IA. It is just deeper level of completion that is all. Adults are not criminals. They are cunning and stupid. That is all.

Some people ask me if it is dangerous for my kid to go through it !! Understand. It is just an extraordinary power. It may be dangerous for *other* people to be in front of your kid but not for your kid itself. Understand. With this power the kid will be intelligent enough to know what to read and what not to read and they can never be influenced by ghost or spirit. The kids will have a tremendous healing power in their eyes. Just by seeing they will heal people. So don’t even have this doubt. Actually the elders feel a little humiliated when the kids are able to do all that by they are not able to do. When you feel humiliated, you try to stop them. This is the exact way we destroy kids. When you feel they are so happy you ask “What is this? Why is he so happy? Why am I alone taking all the stress? You also take something”. So most of the time instead of bringing them up, you bring them down.

So understand this is one of the most powerful, healthy, foolproof process given directly by Mahadeva. Mandated by Mahadeva. Time tested, foolproof, authentic, most extraordinary and no ill side effect or after effect.

Inner Awakening Program, Day 8,
Varanasi, 14 May 2015

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I had the opportunity to film the girl in the first video, Yogamatha, with some friends. These rough vidoes give an idea of how these children function, play and live.