Welcome to Third Eye Awakening with Organic Haritaki Plus

Essential Support For Third Eye Awakening: Organic Haritaki Plus

Here we share essential information on how to open your third eye. 

We dont mess around with mumbo jumbo, we give you the straight goods as we have learnt them over the years.

The straight goods can be hard to believe, and you may end up after reading the material here that we are nuts, but that is not the case.

We will post as much evidence for what we are saying and claiming as we can find.

We draw from direct evidence that we have witnessed and has been shown to thousands of people where possible.

We draw from scientific evidence where possible, although science has not studied many of the areas we are going to write about. There is often scientific evidence that indicates that what we are pointing out or postulating could be so.

From our perspective we are on the verve of a third eye revolution that will change the world for the better very rapidly. We wish you great success in your journey.

Immediate cleansing effects

-Immediate IQ improvements have been recorded

-Long term massive benefits to brain, intuition and third eye

-Long term massive benefits to the physical body

-No development of dependency

How Does it work?

Build the Advanced You

The Third Eye Awakening process is wholeistic in that it begins with the cleansing of all disease at source,

in the guts. This cleansing then moves to the blood, the brain and our complete energetic system. The

effects on the third eye while the greatest long term benefit, are also part and parcel of the

advancement of the whole being. If you take Third Eye Awakening along with our other

recommendations for action you are building a new Advanced You. This Advanced You has abilities that

allow for maximum enjoyment of life and contribution to the planet.

Be more than extraordinary

Whether you are already successful or not, Third Eye Awakening can take you to levels you never


To fully optimize all your goals, and live a life of even greater meaning and contribution, Third Eye

Awakening opens those doors. In addition, you will discover potentials you never knew existed,

Tested by millions of Monks, Yogis and Mystics

Unlike “smart drugs” that work by overriding natural functions of the brain and body, Third Eye

Awakening has been proven over centuries through the use of millions of mystics. These mystics went on

to produce profound works of spiritual literature, unravel mysteries of the stars, time travel, teleport,

manifest. We are not claiming that Third Eye Awakening can accomplish these things, just that its history

of use shows that it was considered as one of several essentials to these accomplishments.

Third Eye Awakening cleanses and upgrades the whole body in ways that are yet to be understood.

Scientific research gives us glimpses of how it works, but the big picture has not yet been put together.

Research shows that it cleanses the Pineal gland. It eliminates unhealthy bacteria, worms and parasites from the gastro intestinal tract- the gut. It could be helpful in reducing obesity, HIV, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s, high blood pressure.

On the other hand, in the view of mystics, Third Eye Awakening is a gift from the Gods, (including the Medicine Buddha,) to humanity to raise consciousness. To them,it works by cleansing the energetics of the whole system including the third eye.