Welcome to Third Eye Awakening with Haritaki Plus

Here we share essential information on how to open your third eye. 

We dont mess around with mumbo jumbo, we give you the straight goods as we have learnt them over the years.

The straight goods can be hard to believe, and you may end up after reading the material here that we are nuts, but that is not the case.

We will post as much evidence for what we are saying and claiming as we can find.

We draw from direct evidence that we have witnessed and has been shown to thousands of people where possible.

We draw from scientific evidence where possible, although science has not studied many of the areas we are going to write about. There is often scientific evidence that indicates that what we are pointing out or postulating could be so.

From our perspective we are on the verve of a third eye revolution that will change the world for the better very rapidly. We wish you great success in your journey.

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