Tested by millions of Monks, Yogis and Mystics

Unlike “smart drugs” that work by overriding natural functions of the brain and body, Third Eye Awakening is an organic product proven over centuries through the use of millions of mystics.

These mystics went on to produce profound works of spiritual literature, unravel mysteries of the stars, time travel, teleportation, and manifestations.

Third Eye Awakening: Haritaki Plus

Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Paramahmsa Nithyananda is the spiritual leader of Hinduism. He recommends all of his follows to take Third Eye Awakening on a daily basis for Third Eye Cleansing and Power Manifestation.

Martyn Williams (Dheera)

Martyn Williams is the first person to lead expeditions to all three earthly extremes: Mount Everest and the North and South Poles. He takes Third Eye Awakening daily to increase intuition and increase blood oxygen levels.


Cleanse of Bodily & Third Eye Toxins


Increase In Blood Oxygen Levels


Increase In Intution & Power Manifestation

Just 30 Days For Maximum Results

Dr. Debora Chance

Dr. Deborah Chance is a U.S. neuroscience researcher currently staying at the Nithyananda Peetam in Bidadi, India. She takes Third Eye Awakening daily which she says makes her feel like she is 35 again!

Louanne Tung Explains:

Louanna Tung has been using Third Eye Awakening DAILY for 3 years. She has been free of illnesses during this time and been able to sleep for just 5 hours. She is a daily user and never plans to stop taking Third Eye Awakening.


Less Sleep And Energy Intake


Solution For Wound And Sickness Care

Expressable & Manifestable Powers

Just 30 Days For Maximum Results