This last weekend we had an amazing workshop where Paramahamsa Nithyananda initiated thousands of people worldwide into the third eye ability of body scanning. Here is the report of one of the participants, my wife, Maria Perez.

Thank you Sri Nithyananda Swami for this weekend’s initiation into Body Scanning. The initiation brought about a cognitive shift that liberated me from a life of mistrust toward the Divine. Since a child I’ve had this conflict of being drawn toward a spiritual life yet mistrusting God. At a past-life reading, I was told I had joined a convent 7 lifetimes ago and suffered much, and that ever since I have carried this mistrust of divine presence.

But at the weekend LBL workshop, during the meditation, I witnessed my inner being say: “Swamiji I will reveal to you a secret: I love you!”
This hit me like a sledgehammer. What a miraculous healing this was for me! I felt giddy with happiness.

When we paired up to manifest body scanning, the instructions were to see Swamiji in your partner. With certainty I knew I would be able to tune in. How couldn’t I? To see Swamiji in others would be a joy beyond measure.

When I started the scan, I literally saw Swamiji, as clear as day, in his full glory, embody my partner and communicate exactly what needed to be said.

At the same time I could see Swamiji healing the person of all the physical/emotional challenges that were being revealed. Thank you Swamiji. I feel so much gratitude for Your infinite compassion and love.


My third eye experience:

Paramahamsa Nithyananda has been initiating people into various powers for the last few years, with great success. I have been in groups of up to several thousand people, for instance in the Kumbh Mela event in Ujain last year. In those groups I have seen him initiate people into different powers such as blindfold reading, and remote viewing. I have also seen these initiations be so effective that within one day up to 85% of the people show some level of ability at the task.

However this is the first time that Paramahamsa Nithyananda has initiated thousands of people remotely via video conferencing. The event as Maria described in the post above was hugely successful. For me when I was asked to scan what I experienced were huge waves of high energy and joy. Then I received strong messages about the other person. I heard and sensed that they were experiencing blockages at the eye level in the skull. When we spoke after the session the other person reported that “yes” indead they do in fact have migraines on a regular basis in that area.

Another message that Nithyananda , who we call “Swamiji” gave me was that this person suffered from confusion and spoke about being confused quite often. I got the message that to help her with this looking back into the childhood and “completing” would be very powerful. When I told this to the person they were shocked at the accuracy of this information and were very appreciative of this information. There were a number of other information’s that flowed from me that were found to be useful. In the body scan that I received the person giving the scan saw that my lower back has occasional pains. This is correct. Even better, after the scanning session was over i felt intense healing energy in that area of my spine.