Using Onions to cleanse the Third Eye pineal gland

Onions help cleanse the pineal gland

Onions help cleanse the pineal gland of toxins

How to cleanse the pineal gland with onions

Onions are an age old remedy for many illnesses. They are used in many foods for this purpose.

As onions have a strong pervading smell there is a way of using them that is very simple and powerful and avoids the smell becoming an issue. Our feet are a map of our whole body with all the meridians that are listed in Chinese acupuncture coming through the feet. So the basic idea is heal one of those meridians and heal the organs.

Onions contain  phosphoric acid which is excellent for removing toxins. When applied to the feet the acid reaches along the meridians to the pineal gland in the brain and works its wonders. We recommend applying every night for at least a week. apply before bedtime and then take off in the am

Here is the procedure to use onions to remove toxins from the pineal gland:

  1. Get one large purple onion. You can also use other types of onion, but purple appears to be best for some reason
  2. Cut purple onions into circles by cutting through the middle
  3. Put the whole rings against the sole of the feet
  4. pull a spare pair of socks over them
  5. Go to sleep
  6. In the morning remove and shower and wash the socks as soon as possible.

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The bottom of your feet are powerful and direct access points to internal organs in your body through what is known as meridians in Chinese medicine.  These meridians are pathways to each organ with your body. Some people say that meridians do not exist within the body or at the bottom of the feet. For those that understand Chinese medicine you may know that the meridian system is very closely correlated with the nervous system.


Onions are rich in sulphur compounds and are well known for antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. It is for these medicinal properties onions are being used since ancient times to heal a lot of infections.

All that one needs to do is take a sliced onion and place it at the bottom of the foot overnight using socks. Or if one wants to make sure that it does not move around while you are asleep, it can be wrapped around using a plastic before wearing socks. It is safe to be used in children as well.

It is a recorded fact that this method was widely used during the spread of plague in England to prevent toxic poisoning. Take a look these health benefits put sliced onion on your foot overnight.

1. Helps Cure Colds:
If you have been suffering from bad cold then this method will be useful. Take a slice of onion, put it on your foot using socks; keep it overnight. This helps cure cold instantly.

2. Earache:
If you are suffering from earache then putting a slice of onion at the bottom of your foot overnight helps in providing relief.

3. Helps to Get Rid Of Toxins From The Body:
Placing onion slices on the bottom of the foot helps in absorbing the toxins from the body and aids in taking off the stomach acids and provides relief.

4. Cures Swollen Glands:
When you have swollen glands, make it a point to use this onion therapy. Put a slice of onion on the foot overnight and you will see how it cures the swollen glands.

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